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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ruven Afanador and 1,000 kisses

My two favorite colors - white and black - well presented in photography of Colombian-born artist Ruven Afanador. Ruven Afanador is one of today’s most respected and in-demand editorial and fashion photographers.
He is a longtime contributor to Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Elle, as well as The New York Times.

The resent work he's done for Nordstrom’s designer ad campaign is a play between romance and tragedy...

This one gives me butterflies...

His latest book, tribute to the women of flamenco entitled "Mil Besos" — 1,000 kisses, in Spanish — is perhaps his most powerful work which presets unique vision of the flamenco woman in Spain.

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Patty Griffin "Mil Besos"
(translated from Spanish)

I have found in your love my lost faith,
Now my life has a reason.
I don't know if it was the witchcraft of your eyes,
that said to your lips,
Steal his heart.
I know that in the thousand kisses
that I have given you on the mouth
my heart left me;
and they say that it's a sin
to love as I love you,
maybe they're right.
But what should everything they tell me
matter to me,
I won't forget you;
for if it's a sin to love you
I will continue sinning
I will never hide it.
I will continue loving you,
I will continue kissing you
until I drive you mad,
until you give me back
the heart that in kisses
I left in your mouth...

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