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Albert Einstein

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some resolutions require new shoes!

Designers continue their bold experiments with the new shapes and constructions for stylish and fashionable shoes of today. Fashion shoe trends this season won't differ much from winter/fall 09 collections. Big platforms are still IN. Lets hope that new spring designer collections will be much more practical and comfortable than the last year ones.
If you have trouble finding shoes you can ask Kim Kardashian and her stylists for recommendation. In 2009 Kim launched new website called Shoe Dazzle. SD has a membership fee of $39/mo which covers the first pair and shipping is free, and you don't pay until you've chosen your first pair of shoes. If you would like to purchase additional pairs than it would be another $39.

Barneys has an amazing on-line sale on designers shoes like Miu Miu, Manolo or Christian Laboutin. I think it's still great bargain taking in consideration that original price for Christian's signature red hill shoe reaches $1000.


Jill said...

i couldn't walk in any of those shoes! lol

Katy Mary said...

OMG I'm totally shoe obsessed, I love ALL of them :)

The Style Mansion said...

I have to have every single pair

Beth Ruby said...

Wow great choices, I love all of these heels!
Especially those Fendi ones :)
Awesome collages


FENDI - LOVE! Like love love love!!!