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Sunday, December 13, 2009

All I want for Christmas is....

When it comes to buying presents, we all have problems choosing the right gifts. Getting it right and knowing how delighted your loved ones are with the gifts you've chosen is a fabulous feeling. Think about things your partner buys for themselves, as well as their personal style, hobbies and interests; and what their passions are. People are always unconsciously rambling about stuff they want: all you have to do is listen. Choosing gifts just because you like them is a no-no. Your own taste is irrelevant.

Generally, men are happy with gifts that fill a "need" - something that they no longer have to purchase for themselves (perhaps this is the reason for the "guys like power tools for gifts" stereotype). Note of all of the things he gets excited about in the store or during commercials. When I was dating my husband, the most romantic gift I would receive from him was some electric accessories, while my gifts for him were kitchen equipment. We learned by paying attention to each others needs and desires!

  1. "500 cocktails" book, $16.95
  2. Wine cooler, $79.95
  3. Bar tool set, $50
  4. Cuisinart Sixteen-bottle wine cellar, $199
  5. Speakers for the iPone, $129
  6. Gold charcoal grill, $140
  7. BBQ stainless tool set, $24
  8. A good bottle of wine
  9. Philips Norelco shaver, $190

When buying for a woman, be sure to get her something that is going to send the message "I spent some time thinking about this”. You want to focus on getting something that she would not normally be able to buy for herself - an extravagance! Extravagance does not have to mean ridiculously expensive. You don't have to get the biggest, just aim for the best.

  1. "Joy of cooking", $35
  2. Kitchen aid, $349
  3. 8 piece chocolate fondue set, $16.95
  4. Swarovski necklace, $90 / pen, $24
  5. Tiffany bracelet, $125
  6. Victoria Secret make up set, $10 (on sale)
  7. Spa, beauty salon gift certificates
  8. Nice cashmere sweater or scarf is always a yes-yes


Anonymous said...

HA, I think that pic with the big bow on the building is so funny.LOL.
I enjoyed your lsits for him/her as well.Thanks for sharing!

Merry Christmas!Love your little badges at the end of your blogs.

The Style Mansion said...

I have seen a few goodies here! Thanks

pinkapplecore said...

^.^ hahaha that huge bow on that house!

Barefoot Chic said...

The bow on that house - the color is so cute!!!!

That is a quite a list:)

Thank you for stopping by!

Megara said...

mmm, the joy of cooking, a day at the spa, and cashmere anything are definitely on my list too. as well as a house. i wouldn't complain if santa brought me a house...

padded-shoulders said...

Really good hints...I have a habit of buying people things I love, borrowing them, and forgetting to give them back...ahem must really stop that :)

Love, love, love your blog! Am following you too!


Kristin said...

A Kitchenaid mixer is most def the gift that keeps on giving!