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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Alexander McQueen and end of civilisation??

My recent project at school required research about architecture's influence on the fashion industry. For those who know nothing about fashion history, deconstruction probably means nothing to you. However, I found out that the ideas of deconstruction which are also related to fashion, have transformed philosophy, literature, film theory and production, and related design areas of architecture, graphic design and new media. The word "deconstruction" comes from the French philosopher Jacques Derrida and generally attempts to demonstrate that "something" is not a discrete whole but contains several meanings; that "something" therefore has more than one interpretation; that "something" itself links these interpretations inseparably. Whatever its original meaning, deconstruction has come to mean "tear down" or "destroy". Rei Kawakubo, Hussein Chalayan, then Karl Lagerfield, Martin Margiela and Alexander McQueen are the first designers to apply the philosophy of deconstructionism to fashion.

Alexander McQueen, 2010 collection

Alexander McQueen, 2010 collection

Alexander McQueen, 2010 spring collection

Alexander McQueen, 2010 spring collection

Alexander McQueen, 2010 spring collection

What separates fashion and architecture?
Fashions generally changes from season to season, while architecture is, more often built to last.

Marchessa, 2008 collection

Marchessa, 2008 collection

Marchessa, 2008 collection

Alexander McQueen & Sydney Opera House
Emilio Pucci & Finca Güell in Barcelona

Balenciaga & Guggenheim-Museum Bilbao

To what extent can they be interchanged?
In fashion, architecture has helped introduce the use of thin, flexible metals and plastics, and lightweight glass, while architects have integrated pleating, draping, and tailoring techniques into their built form.

1. Bubble dress, Hussein Chalayan/ 2. P-wall, Andre Kudless

Hussein Chalayan, have even made the leap to hybrid fashion/ architecture forms that serve a double purpose as clothing and furniture.


Iva said...

wow! such a creative beautiful post! you have a great eye!! ;)

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

in my fashion design class were also learning about deconstruction.im making this awsome jacket out of leather chaps.

pinkapplecore said...

hm the first few look very animalistic to me, or aggressive. The ones that mimic structures are quite nice.

Thank you so much for following my blog it's always exciting to see that number go up.

I love your intro poem, it was really lovely.


Nefertiti said...

tres tres sympa les deux faces de la mode ;O)

bon w end

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very very very nice! ;)

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I am in love with the Alexander McQueen shoes.