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Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world".
Albert Einstein

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The power of Photoshop

Erik Johansson is a 23-year-old computer engineering student from Sweden. He creates remarkable images by digitally modifying photographs that he takes himself. His photo manipulations are very interesting and give a realistic view of an unreal picture.


anhesty said...

photoshop is amazing.

pinkapplecore said...

wow, these are amazing.. I really do have an appreciation for those who can manipulate graphics like this. Doing Photo shop like this, to me at least, is artistic...when you use it to achieve unrealistic body forms or revamp a woman...it really hurts other women who look at those articles.

*My opinion anyway*

my Shopping bag said...

I appreciate cool art like this one too. I would like to see more un-retouched photographs of celebrities. We know that famous people never allow "real" images of themself to be published in the magazines. I am impressed by Valérie Boyer, French parliamentarian who proposes new law which would require modified photos to carry a warning label.

Queen Mama said...

That is awesome! Thanks for stopping by and the compliment!

Nefertiti said...

superbes photos ;O)

The Style Mansion said...

These photos are fascinating

Katy Mary said...

These photos are amazing!

Kate Gene said...

WOW! Whoever created these photos is amazing!


Kate Gene